Jerry Klion in New Hartford, NY is the son of Sam Klion and grandson of Israel Klionsky from Binghamton NY.

Here's how the news was obtained:
Matthew Klionsky of Chicago mentioned to his father Bernie that he didn't yet have contact with any of Israel's descendants. Bernie lives in Pittsburgh, about an hour from New Castle PA where Nanette Solomon works as a music professor and gives occasional concerts.

Nanette is a great grandaughter of Israel, and her father Harold has remained in touch with Bernie since they were children; also, Bernie occasionally attends Nanette's concerts and happened to have her email address, which he sent to Matthew. Matthew contacted Nanette, she forwarded his message to her father, and he responded - also providing some information needed for Israel's tree, and also the email address of his cousin Michael Klion.

Matthew and Michael then began a correspondance that yielded additional tree information, as well as email addresses for Michael's sister Harrie; she provided even more information as well as email addresses for her cousin Ellen Bloch, and for her niece Ila Nadekow.

Those two were able to supply almost all the still-missing information for Israel's tree, as well as a couple of additional family email addresses. And, stimulated by this exchange of information, Harold learned that his sister had spouse names as well as addresses for the two remaining people on the chart about whom data was still needed.

One of those was Jerry Klion in New Hartford, NY - allowing his removal from the Mysteries list.