The process that lead to this conclusion began when a group of Klionsky descendants in the DC area decided to have a cross-clan get together, and - having seen that there was a Mark Klionsky in DC on the 'orphan Klionsky' list gathered and disseminated by Matthew Klionsky of Chicago, called to invite Mark to that event.

Mark attended, and afterwards his email address was forwarded to Matthew. In subsequent correspondance, Mark provided his family details. He accounted for two of the 'orphan' entries, and his ex-wife, aunt, first cousins, and brother accounted for everyone else on that list except for James Klionsky in Weirton, WV.

As Mark's information arrived, Matthew noticed corresponances with information already in his files about 'lost' relatives of Louis Klionsky; those 'lost' relatives were the subject of Mystery #14.

After contacting Louis and his sons, it became clear that Mark's grandfather Morris was the brother of Louis' father Jacob; both groups were quite happy to find each other.