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Descendants of Barnett "Berko" Klionsky (1861 - 1938), Zembin, Borisov area - NYC-CT

Most of the pictures in this album came from the archive of Leesa Shem-Tov, the granddaughter of Barnett/Berko Klionsky and co-founder.

Number of pictures: 50

Barnett was born Dov Behr Klionsky (Russian name Berko) in Zembin, a village in the Borisov District near Minsk, Belarus in 1861. His father, Yitzhak Klionsky (Russian name Issik) appears to have been a brother of Zalmen Mordechai Klionsky, father of Shimon, Barnet and Mendel. A devout Lubovitcher, Yitzhak used the titular “Yisroel” as his first name.

After coming to America, he took the name Barnett, after the first cousin Barnet (whose name ends with a single letter `t`) Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC, his sponsor.

Barnett`s wife was Gittle (Ruben) Klionsky. She was related to the French Rothschilds, who helped support the family after Barnett left for America. Barnett & Gittle had eight children: Rose, Ethel, Kate, Rena, Ida, Rhea, Sam and Harry.

Interesting facts
Barnett/Berko Klionsky(1861 - 1938) is one of a few people on this site to whom all three co-founders of KLIONSKY.ORG (Matt, Daniel, Leesa) are confirmed to be related to.
  • Barnett/Berko Klionsky, Leesa Shem-Tov`s grandfather, is the first cousin of Barnet (whose name ends with a single letter `t`) Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC
  • Barnet`s (whose name ends with a single letter `t`) oldest brother Shimon is the great grandfather of Matt Klionsky
  • Barnet`s (whose name ends with a single letter `t`) other brother Mark/Mendel in 1904-1925 resided in Baku, Azerbaijan, where Daniel Klionsky`s family used to live at that time and knew him as "Mark Markovich Klionsky"

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