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Descendants of Isaac Klionsky (1898 - 1976) of Minsk

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Unlike his siblings, Isaac did not get any college education. He is remembered as being extremely strong physically.

During the Russian Civil War of 1917 - 1921 he was recruited into the Red Army cavalry corps as a blacksmith. He participated in the Red Army advance into Poland in 1920.

He and his wife Manya Goldina have had two children: Lazar, born in 1924 and daughter Genya "Yevgenia", born in 1933 (it was changed later in documents to 1931).

After his wife died in 1973, Isaac lived with his daughter's family.

His grandson, Mark, who is now living in the United States, remembers him as a very caring person. As an example, Mark recalled the story that happened sometime around 1975 in Minsk.

The truckload of the fine pineapples were delivered to the local store. As a rule, general population of the Soviet Union experienced a shortage for a lot of basic things including exotic fruits. Mark's family was no exception so he never tasted pineapple before. The line to the store was almost a mile with one pineapple per person.

As a Russian Civil War veteran Isaac had a better chance because he had to stay in another, somewhat smaller line for veterans only. So he stayed in that line and it took him entire day, but finally he got his pineapple and he shared it with his grandchildren. The joy was so overwhelming that Mark still vividly remembers that day.

As for his children, Lazar became a general practice physician and married Frida, who was a school history teacher. They had two children: Boris born in 1953 and Raisa born in 1959. Presently the whole family lives in Israel.

Evgenia "Genya" was a kindergarten teacher, and her husband, Leonid Tsitlik, an engineer. They have two sons -- Arkadiy and Mark. They all now live in Baltimore area, state of Maryland.

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