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Lunch with an artist in New York

Submitted by Bruce Katz

Number of pictures: 3

July 22, 2005, New York City Marc & Irina Klionsky got together with Bruce Katz, Beverly Tannenhaus and Sylvia Klionsky Reichman for a summertime family reunion luncheon at 11 Madison Park, a Manhattan restaurant.

Interesting facts:

Marc Klionsky, New York : Artist, born in Minsk in 1927, is a grandson of Mendel Klionsky of Borisov.

His exceptional talent and thorough technical training led to a distinguished art career in the Soviet Union, but his success did not allay his desire to experience the self-determination only a democracy could provide.

Together with his family, Marc emigrated to the United States in 1974, and cultivated elements of lyricism, surrealism, and representation never seen in his previous paintings.

Sylvia Klionsky Reichman is the second daugther of Sam and Gertrude Klionsky of Binghamton, NY. Sam was the son of Shimon Klionsky. Sylvia is a retired school librarian and lives in Cranford, NJ, with her husband Herb Reichman.

Beverly Tannenhaus is the daughter of Marvin Tannenhaus of Binghamton, NY. Marvin is the son of Yedda Klionsky Tannenhaus, the oldest daughter of Shimon Klionsky. Beverly is an attorney and lives with her husband John Gavula and their son Tommy in NJ.

Bruce Katz, San Francisco, son of Marilyn Klionsky Katz and grandson of Samuel Klionsky of Binghamton, NY. Bruce works as a marketing consultant. He is also a member of this web site development team.

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