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Lunch with Klion sisters at Berkley

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Apr 1, 2007, Berkley, California Daniel Klionsky of San Francisco, his family, Cathy Klion, her husband Tom and Emily Klion (Cathy's younger sister) family got together for brunch at Emily's house at Berkley.

Interesting facts:

Emily Klion of Berkley, California, the host, is a musician and director of the marsh youth theater . She is a descendant of Barnet Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC

Cathy Klion of Chevy Chase, state of Maryland : is a government lawyer. She works for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, a government agency. Cathy is a descendant of Barnet Klionsky (1874-1960) of NYC

Daniel Klionsky of San Francisco, is a son of Mark Klionsky of St Petersburg, Russia and great-grandson of Girsha Klionsky of Borisov. Daniel works as a computer programmer. He is also the web master of this site.

  • Barnet Klionsky, Cathy and Emily's great-grandfather, and Girsha Klionsky, Daniel's great-grandfather were 1st cousins.

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    dmk (Daniel Klionsky, USA)


    Created by dmk (Daniel Klionsky, USA)
    Created on Jan-21-2010 at 19:42 Pacific Time (San Francisco)


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