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Descendants of Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864 – 1939) of Voznesensk - Palestine

A lot of pictures were kindly shared by Katerina Vinogradova, Moscow
wife of Igor Drabkin, great grandson of Leiba-Getzel.

Number of pictures: 44

Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864-1939) lived in Voznesensk (near Odessa) and moved to pre-Israel towards the end of his life.
Being a wealthy merchant, Leiba-Getzel Klionsky(1864 – 1940s) fathered 10 children.
Their descendants now live in Russia, Germany, Israel, Canada & USA.
Leiba-Getzel`s exact relationship to other clans is yet to be determined.
  1. Eidia (Klionsky) Zaichik (1898 - 1987) , the oldest daughter.
    • Lived most of her life in Voznesensk. Married prominent physician Abram Zaichik. Her descendants currently live in the United States and Canada where they moved in 1987.
  2. Galina [Chaya-Kaliya] (Klionsky) Sakharova (1903 - 1967)
    • Lived most of her life in Turkmenistan, one of the Middle Asian Soviet republics with her husband managing various agricultural projects and state agencies. Her daughter and granddaughter currently live in Israel where they moved in 2004.
  3. Yakov [Yankel] Klionsky (1895 - 1968)
    • Lived most of his life in Moscow, while working as an accountant for Red Cross organization. His only grandson currently lives in Moscow.
  4. Manya (Klionsky) Vernev (1904 - 1959) .
    • Lived most of her life in Moscow. Her descendants currently live in Germany where they moved in 1990s.
  5. Katya [Gittel] (Klionsky) Sheinin (1895 - 1942) .
    • Lived most of her life in Leningrad. Died in World War II during unsuccessful attempt to get out from the besieged Leningrand. Her descendants currently live in Israel where they moved in 1990.
  6. Grigoriy [Girsha] Klionsky (1892 - 1942) .
    • Lived most of his adult life in Moscow. Successful surgeon. Died during World War II (Missing in Action). His descendants currently live in Russia, Germany and Israel.
  7. Simeon [Shimon] Klionsky(1910 - 1942) .
    • Lived most of his adult life in Leningrad. Profession unknown. Died during World War II. Never married. No descendants.
  8. Ida "Lida" Klionsky (1909 - 1970) .
    • Lived most of her adult life in Leningrad, where she worked as a teacher and kindergarten director. During World War II helped to safely evacuate 103 children from besieged Leningrad. Never married. No descendants.
  9. Golda Klionsky (1913-1920) .
    • Died as a child.
  10. David Klionsky-Tidhar(1900-1941) .
    • David made Aliyah to pre-Israel in 1919. Once in Palestine, David changed his name to Tidhar and went working as civil engineer for Tel Aviv mayor`s office. He died from pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in 1941 and berried on the Mount of Olives cemetary in Jerusalem. His descendants reside in Israel and Europe.

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